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Why Rescue?

We often hear comments made like, "We would never turn our dog into a rescue." Or "I didn't know rescues existed." We think Why? There are thousands upon thousands of breed specific and mixed rescues in existence. How can people not know? So what does a rescue offer?


Well for Freedom Collie Rescue, it means:


Your beloved pet will not be euthanized because of space limitations or time has run out.


They will get the best veterinary care. Their teeth will be clean, they will be up-to-date on all shots, spayed or neutered if needed, on heart worm preventative or treated for them if needed, and microchipped. If they need training, we have an excellent trainer we use!


They will be in loving foster home until adopted, not sitting in a kennel. A kennel does nothing to socialize a dog for home life


We have over 36 partnered vets/specialist that we work with, so there is always a clinic close and easy for our fosters to access. After all, our fosters are very special to us. Driving all over town to save $10 at a vet's office does not make sense to us.


We provide $30 a month towards quality dog food.


All potential foster homes and adoptive homes have been screened. Vet checks are done and home visits are conducted to ensure a collie will be safe in their new home. We know who is adopting our collies. Why would you list your pet on Craigslist and give away to a total stranger?


We always, always take back into rescue any of our collies that may find themselves without a home in the future. No questions asked.


So if you find yourself in the position where you need to relinquish your collie or know someone that is trying to find a home for their pet, please consider rescue and Freedom Collie Rescue for collies. We are a foster home based rescue. If you would like to foster for us, please fill out our foster application. 

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