Adoption, Foster and Volunteer Forms

We have adopted collies out-of-state if we feel it is a perfect match.  We do not ship our collies, so if approved and out-of-state, you would have to drive to pick up your collie.  We do not have any transportation available.  A fenced yard is required.  BECAUSE OF THE DISTANCE INVOLVED, AND THE ABILITY TO DO A GOOD HOME CHECK, WE ONLY ADOPT OUR COLLIES OUT TO FAMILIES LOCATED IN TEXAS, OKLAHOMA, AND LOUISIANA.


You may fill out the applications listed below on line and submit. 


Terms of Adoption


Adoption Application


Foster Application


Volunteer Application

Adoption Donation which helps with all the medical costs incurred.  The State of Texas now requires that we pay state sales tax. (8.25%).  A sales receipt will be provided for tax purposes.  See below:


  • $325.00 donation for a puppy under 12 months + $26.81 = $351.81

  • $275.00 donation for an adult age 1-9  + $22.68 = $297.68

  • $150.00 donation for an adult age 10 up + 12.37 = $162.37

  • $125.00 donation for a collie mix + $10.31 = $135.31


No adoptions are finalized until puppies are old enough to be spayed or neutered or a collie is healthy enough to be altered.  A foster home may foster to adopt until their collie is altered and at that time, the adoption will be finalized and adoption donation paid.