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We have adopted collies out-of-state if we feel it is a perfect match.  We do not ship our collies, so if approved and out-of-state, you would have to drive to pick up your collie.  We do not have any transportation available.  A fenced yard is required.

Adoption Process


You have submitted your application, now what happens?  Our adoption coordinator will process your application, do all the necessary vet checks, and arrange a home visit.  One of our volunteers will actually come to your home to make sure everything is safe for your new collie and to get a better idea of the collie that would be a perfect match.  We do not adopt collies on a first come, first serve basis, rather our very experienced adoption coordinator makes sure we have a perfect match.  If a collie does not like cats or we feel would not do well with small children, she will suggest that you wait for another collie to come into rescue that is a better fit for you and the collie or refer you to one of the other collie rescues. 


Once your application is approved and your home visit completed, we will make arrangements for you to take your collie home for a sleep over.  This process can last for one day or up to a week.  On the day you pick up your new family member for his/her sleepover, the new owner signs a final adoption agreement and pays the adoption fee to the foster home. No adoption will be final until the paper work and adoption fee is paid, and the collie will not be left with the adopter until these requirements are completed.  We want to make sure you and our collie are comfortable together and give everyone time to adjust to the new living arrangements. 


If everyone agrees it is a perfect match, your Adoption Contract is finalized.  All of our collies will come to you completed vetted.  If needed, they will be spayed or neutered.  They will be up-to-date on all vaccinations, micro-chipped and on heart worm preventative (Sentinel).  If your collie had heart worms, they will have been treated and given a dental if needed, as well as any other medical issues will have been addressed.  We want to make sure we only adopt healthy collies. 


After adoption, we recommend the adoptive home take their new collie to their own vet to set up a relationship. We also recommend that your collie be tested for heartworm disease in 4-6 months. Even dogs who test negative when they come into our rescue can test positive a few months later as it takes 4-6 months for the microfilaria to become adults. To have a collie test negative when they have actually been exposed is extremely rare, but we want our homes to be aware and take those steps. After adoption, you will receive a welcome letter from us with information on registering your collie's micro-chip in your name, and a list of medications that collies can be sensitive to.  We recommend that a copy of this list be given to your vet and kept in your collie's medical file at all times.  You will also be invited to join our FCR Yahoo Group where we post information on events, our Appreciation Day, and just share information about our collies.  It can be a wonderful source of collie information, and all members are always willing to help with any question you might have. 


Finally, we love to receive pictures and updates of our collies in their happy forever homes. 



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